JustinGuitar Teacher Support

I'm working on a new Teacher Support program to help guitar teachers around the world by providing advice, training courses and content to share with their students.

I get frequent emails from teachers who dig the site and recommend students to it and I'm hoping I can give something back to the guitar teaching community and help teachers grow their business and become the best teachers they can be! I have some really exciting developments being released on the web site soon, some of which are things I wish I'd had when I was doing lots of private lessons and classes.

If you are familiar with my stuff you will know I'm not a 'one size fits all' kinda guy, and I'm not suggesting that everyone should teach 'my way' - I encourage every teacher to use their personal style, taste and experience. In this modern world where so much is available online, the role of one on one and classroom teachers is changing and I have some insights to share and tools you might find useful!

Help Make It Awesome
This is early days in this adventure, but I know this could be beneficial for many of you teachers out there. If you think I could help you by providing X then let me know by emailing me at justin[at]justinguitar.com, put Teacher Support in the subject, and I'll make it happen if it's something I dig.

Join my list and I'll update you as soon as there are things to share! I don't want a full address, but country and city would be really helpful for me to know where people on this list are located (for Training Workshops).

Wishing you all the best, J.
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Country and City only needed really!